Vanta v1.1

AltJawga Owner posted Sep 7, 18

Changes are coming!

Check out the latest updates at: Forum Announcement Page

New Additions! Vanta v1.0

AltJawga Owner posted Aug 17, 18

                                      New Additions!

This has been an update I have talked about for a while, and it is finally here!


- Parrots will not fall off your shoulders as easily

- Chests will now automatically sort themselves

- Donation rank for a few perks

- Added /discord & /website (no /twitter yet)

- Ability to turn on lamps without redstone (Donor only)

- Rail system to get to PvP arena (From spawn)

- PvP arena

- Ability to add color codes to signs (Donor only)

- Ability to use /wiki to access the gamepedia in-game (Donor only)


- Fixed discord and website invite links

- Removed barrels and some mob changes to optimize server

Forum Organization

AltJawga Owner posted Aug 14, 18

                   Forum News
 The forum has been a mess for a while now, but now it has been organized and is  100% functional!


#1 Cleared up staff requirements, and made the thread available to all users.
#2 Added a guide to help users add their minecraft character to the fourms.
#3 Deleted out of date threads.

Planned Features:

#1 Donations.
#2 More guides to help with the server.
#3 Full rules list.

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